Custom Bandanas

custom-printed-dog-bandana-examples-at-dudiedog-bandanasAnything is possible! (Well, pretty much!)

To help you to design your custom bandana we have a few tips and ideas for you. You may have an idea already of what you want your bandana to look like, or you may just have a phrase. We can help to bring your idea to completion, adding imagery, helping to choose suitable fonts, and creating a beautiful bandana specially for you. 

Below are a few ideas of the kind of images you can add to your bandana. The sky's the limit really....if you have an idea just get in touch, and I'll help to make your unique idea a reality. We have access to many fonts, so can give your bandana the style you want.  If you'd like your printing to be in more than one colour, or if you'd like a batch of bandanas all the same, please get in touch for a quote. 

If you have an image or logo of your own that you want printing onto a bandana please message us.

We can design your perfect bandana, ensuring that the wording and image placement is correct so it will look fabulous on your pup, whatever their size. The main consideration is making sure that the design stays within the optimum print area, illustrated below. This means that when the bandana is rolled over to tie onto your dog you don't lose the top of the design. If you order different sizes of bandana with the same print, the print size will be adjusted so it's placement is always perfect. 

how to design your custom printed dog bandana-tips on placement of text and image


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