Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib
Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib
Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib
Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib
Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib
Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib

Red Tartan Droolbuster Dog Bib

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A stylish red tartan Droolbuster dog bib, available in sizes to fit the largest of the giant dog breeds.


This gorgeous, high quality Droolbuster dog bib is beautifully handmade from our lovely red and gold cotton tartan fabric, with an inset panel of super absorbent  cotton terry towelling in your choice of colour. It's a highly practical and serviceable Christmas accessory for any dog that drools, or for messy eaters. It's perfect for any drooling dog to wear at Xmas parties and gatherings. It would make a lovely Christmas gift for droolers, and can be worn all of the year round. The red tartan print has a metallic gold stripe, giving it just a little bit of festive sparkle.

Our unique Droolbuster dog bibs are a perfect and practical accessory for any dog that drools. Slobber in style!

  •  Unique, stylish & practical bandana style dog bib
  • 6 sizes. Our Giant size will fit the largest of dogs! See our size guide here.
  • High quality 100% cotton with absorbent Terry towelling panel. Machine washable at 40 degrees C
  • Double turned and hemmed seams for super-stylishness and durability
  • Beautifully handmade in The Yorkshire Dales, UK
  • Individually packaged in environment friendly packaging, complete with fitting/care instructions.
  • Free UK shipping. Fair price Worldwide shipping. See our shipping info here.
  • A perfect gift idea for dogs that drool and their humans! See our unique doggy gift-wrapping service here

A quick guide to our sizes:

  • Teeny Tiny: 18.5 inches (469 mm) along the long edge - For the smallest individuals of the toy breeds such as Chihuahuas & Yorkies, also teacup breeds & tiny puppies.
  • Small: 21.5 inches (545 mm) along the long edge - All the typical small breeds, such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Mini poodles, small Jack Russells, Mini Dachshunds
  • Inbetweeny: 25.5 inches (648 mm) along the long edge - Perfect for small dogs with thicker necks, such as Westies, Cavaliers, chubbier Jack Russells, Patterdales etc. Also great for some taller dogs with fine necks, such as lurchers
  • Medium: 29 inches (737 mm) along the long edge - smaller collies, Springer spaniels, smaller Staffies
  • Large: 32.5 inches (825 mm) along the long edge - Larger collies, Weimaraners, larger staffies, smaller retrievers and Labradors
  • Extra Large: 39.5 inches (1003 mm) along the long edge - Great Danes, Large/fluffy German shepherds, Chubbier Labradors and Retrievers, some Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, Mastiffs etc
  • Giant: 48 inches (1220 mm) along the long edge - For the hugest individuals of the largest breeds.....Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, Mastiffs etc

Breed suggestions are a rough guide only - all dogs are unique! Your dog may fit more than one of our sizes, and your choice will depend on whether you prefer longer or shorter tie ends.

The measurements given here are not measurements for the neck circumference of your dog. The long edge goes around your dog's neck, leaving enough length to comfortably tie the bandana.

If in doubt please do get in touch here and we'll be happy to advise on the correct size for your dog.

Droolbuster lead time

Dudiedog accessories are handmade to order here in The Yorkshire Dales, so we need time to make your Droolbuster bib before it's carefully packed up and posted to you. For Droolbusters that aren't embroidered the production time is generally within 5-7 working days of order. Embroidery will generally add a couple of days to this. If you need your Droolbuster quicker it's always worth getting in touch. There are various options for shipping when you check out, but these don't alter production time. 

For more info on our shipping methods click here.


Care & fitting

Our unique Droolbuster dog bibs, as well as being cute & stylish,  are very practical, durable & machine washable. You can wash them at 40 degrees, so you don't need to worry about all of that slobber! These  Droolbusters are made for dribblers! Our Giant size comfortably fits the largest individuals of the giant breeds, so you never need to worry that your dog is too big for Dudiedog accessories.

As well as being popular with our big droolly customers, these are also popular for show dogs (to keep the chest area clean & dry) while they're waiting to go into the show ring.  

Most dogs love the attention they get when wearing a Dudiedog Droolbuster! 

Fitting a Droolbuster is really quickly becomes second nature, Here's how to do it:

Hold each end of the Droolbuster, and roll the long edge over until you have a perfectly sized point. (The perfect point size will depend on your dog, and how much of the chest area you want to cover). 

Still holding the two ends, place the Droolbuster around your dog's neck, and tie with a firm reef knot. You should be able to fit 2 fingers between your pet's neck and the Droolbuster. After you've done this a time or two you'll find it really easy. 

Always supervise your pet while wearing any accessory. 

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1 Review:

Perfect drool bandana for a slobbery labrador
08 February 2024  | 

This is a perfect product for slobbery dogs. We have a lovely fox red labrador who unfortunately drools whenever there’s food on the go. As soon as he comes near you, your legs are covered, so, to avoid this we bought this droolbuster bib (bandana). We got the XL because he’s a tall lab, with quite a long snout, and we’ve been impressed with the quality of this. The fit is perfect for him, he doesn’t like things tight around his neck, so we can tie the XL loosely, and it’s perfect (and still reaches the end of his nose). Absolutely will be buying more of these (so he has some whilst this one is being washed). A great product find! From Jessica (and Scooby) in Derby.

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